A list of variables has been established to describe the ecosystem system state. Specially, these variables are from different process-based algorithms.

Module Variable Description
Radiation Shortwave Incoming shortwave radiation
  PAR Photosynthetically active radiation
Evapotranspiration Potential ET Total potential evapotranspiration
Interception canopy depth Depth of rain and snow in canopy
  canopy ET ET from the canopy
  Net rain Net rain from canopy
  Net snow Net snow from canopy
Snow SCA Snow cover area
  Snow albedo Snow albedo
  Snow ET Snow sublimation
  SWE Snowpack water equivalent
  SWE temperature Temperature of the snowpack
Infiltration Infiltration  
Surface runoff Surface runoff  
  Surface runoff upslope Surface runoff from upslope
Soil Dunnian runoff  
  Dunnian runoff upslope  
  Interflow upslope  
  Soil moisture  
  Soil to groundwater  
Groundwater Groundwater inflow  
  Groundwater outflow  
  Groundwater upslope