As an Earth science researcher, I talk a lot about climate change. But most of time I was basically sending message stating that climate change is real and bad. I didn’t spend much time thinking and explaining what should we do to battle climate change.

Certainly we can slow down our pace in terms of civilization developments, which will slow down climate change maybe. For example, if we slow down the rate population moving from rural area to urban area, it helps because it is likely to decrease emission.

There are many thing we should slow down:

  • Stop building big cities
  • Stop building highway
  • Stop building houses, especially in natural system
  • Reduce meat consumption
  • Slow down vehicle production
  • Reduce ocean exploration
  • Stop using non renewable energy
  • All above could fight climate change, to some extent. But that is not enough because it is only slowing the trend down.

Something else we should do to reverse the engine

  • Plant more trees for sure.
  • Remove highway and build high speed trains
  • Remove agriculture land and restore the forest
  • Protect ecosystem diversity

As an individual, what we can do?

  • Plant trees around your house
  • If you have a large house in the forest, maybe you should consider change it to a smaller one
  • Eat less meat
  • Take public transportation more and drive less
  • Do not waste water and electricity
  • Do not litter
  • Cook instead of drive through
  • Buy electronic vehicle

They are also organizations and companies we should put them accountable or require adjustments: Gas and coal company even though life still depends upon them, but they need to evolve Company that ignore environmental consequences, such as Microsoft put data center in deep ocean to cool down server We should also adopt a minimalist lifestyle: we only take what it’s needed, nothing more. The less we take from Earth and the less disturbance, the more sustainable it could be.