I have extended the capability of HexWatershed, which allows it to read MPAS mesh grid.

Some background information for the above statement. HexWatershed is a C++ program I developed to delineate watershed using a hexagonal mesh grid. Details of the program are introduced in this paper: Watershed delineation on a hexagonal mesh grid (https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1364815219308278)

MPAS mesh is an unstructured mesh used for ocean and atmosphere modeling (https://mpas-dev.github.io/files/documents/MPAS-MeshSpec.pdf).

In order to support this new mesh, I have added the NetCDF I/O into the system. However, the NetCDF API for C++ is not widely used by the research community. For example, most Earth System Models (ESMs) use the Fortran 90 instead of C++.

A few hydrology programs (i.e., DHSVM) using the NetCDF C API which is less OOP oriented.

So I have to setup the NetCDF C++ API on the cluster. First I requested the C++ API, however, there are significant changes between the legacy API and the NetCDF4 API: https://github.com/Unidata/netcdf-cxx4

After that, we are able to use namespace and other new features in C++11. In order to link the library, we need both the C and C++ libraries in the CMakeLists file: set(NetCDF_LIBRARY_C “/share/apps/netcdf/4.6.3/gcc/8.1.0/lib/libnetcdf.so”)

set(NetCDF_LIBRARY “/share/apps/netcdf/4.6.3/gcc/8.1.0/lib/libnetcdf_c++4.so”)

Besides, I used the VTK FindNetCDF to setup NetCDF: https://github.com/Kitware/VTK/blob/master/CMake/FindNetCDF.cmake

The program compiled and linked.