Hydrology, PNNL, 2020

A USGS Precipitation Runoff Modeling System (PRMS) model preparation system (IDL and Python).


Hydrology, PNNL, 2020

A USGS Modular Finite-Difference Ground-Water Flow Model (MODFLOW) model preparation system (IDL and Python).


Hydrology, PNNL, 2020

A hexagonal grid-based surface watershed delineation model, HexWatershed (The first watershed scale model using hexagonal mesh; C++, based on DGGRID and RichDEM, documented by Doxygen).


Hydrology, PNNL, 2020

A global scale river routing model based on HexWatershed (The first global river network using hexagonal mesh).

Earth system graphic library

Compute Graphic, PNNL, 2020

An advanced publication-ready cartography graphics library (IDL, 90% of figures in my publications were directly produced using this library).


Ecosystem, PNNL, 2020

A three-dimensional water and carbon cycle ecosystem model (ECO3D) (C++ and OpenMP, documented by Doxygen).

Advanced GIS

GIS, PNNL, 2020

An advanced automated spatial data processing library for GIS/RS datasets (IDL and ESRI ArcObject).